02/07/2019 – $1 Oyster Night at Brine Oysters * Crudo * Chops

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Over the Counter: Pack nutrition into your kid’s school lunch

Packing a school lunch for a child used to be as easy as one-two-three. One brown paper bag (or superhero-themed lunch box), two slices of white bread spread with peanut butter and jelly, and three additional food items — perhaps an apple, a bag of chips and a brownie — …

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What’s Up Doc? Females are under-represented in medical research

Question: Is it true that women are not adequately represented in medical studies?Answer: Genetically, someone with XX sex chromosomes is female and someone with XY sex chromosomes is male. There are people with other variations, such as having an extra sex chromosome (for example XXY in some variants of Klinefelter …

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Flexible Fitness: Breathing basics

The respiratory system is a series of parts, the largest one being the lungs. It takes air in from the environment, supplies the body with oxygen and helps to get rid of carbon dioxide. Additional jobs are to provide breath support for speech and our sense of smell. This system …