02/08/2019 – GNFC Purge & Purchase

Celebrating 15 years of serving families in the greater Newburyport area, the Greater Newburyport Families Club (GNFC) is expanding their successful Baby and Kids’ Consignment Sale series to host their first-ever “GNFC Purge & Purchase” for women and men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories on February 8 - 9 at PITA Hall on Plum Island in Newbury. The focus is on gently-used brand-name and on-trend items; no jewelry. This event is open to both members and non-members, and it is at no cost to participants.
“As mothers, we are often finding ways to stretch our dollar - and focus on getting the best quality items for our families,” says the organizer Christy Teel, GNFC Board Member and Adult Outing Committee Lead. “We have had great success with our consignment sales for kids, so why shouldn’t parents be able to purge what we no longer want or wear [and make some money] and refresh our wardrobes [at a reduced cost]!”


GNFC is looking for buyers and sellers. Their online system is up and can be found here.
Local Interest
04/21/2019 – Easter Brunch at Plum Island Beachcoma

Join us Sunday, April 21st, for EASTER BRUNCH from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m!  Here, your Family is our Family!  A fun, friemdly. relaxing atmposphere to enjoy your company over delectable food and drinks! We are now taking reservations and we’re filling up fast!  Call us 978-358-8218!