02/10/2019 – ACEP-Local Kickoff Snack & Greet for Health Professionals and Energy Practitioners

Sunday, February 10th, 2019 2pm-4pm

This is our inaugural event to kick off the ACEP LOCAL: Greater NBPT MA Area Group for energy focused professionals!

This is a Snack & Greet event; so bring a snack, and come meet other practitioners who are also implementing methods of Energy Psychology/practices, or are interested in learning more about it!


Run by the Massachusetts State Representative for ACEP, Kerri Morrison, this group is meant to connect, share, learn, grow, collaborate, support & inspire each other. This group is NOT about self-promotion in its mission; it is meant to be a "hub" for local professionals who are demonstrating the strength of integrative healing practices and energy medicine sweeping the world by storm. TOGETHER, we can heal the world. ♥

ACEP is a non-profit organization, therefore, these events are FREE.

Local Interest
04/21/2019 – Easter Brunch at Plum Island Beachcoma

Join us Sunday, April 21st, for EASTER BRUNCH from 10 a.m. to 1:00 p.m!  Here, your Family is our Family!  A fun, friemdly. relaxing atmposphere to enjoy your company over delectable food and drinks! We are now taking reservations and we’re filling up fast!  Call us 978-358-8218!