05/01/2019 – Estate Planning Seminar

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Join us for a seminar on Estate Planning with Attorney Edward "Ted" Beasley, former chairman of the American Bar Association's Elder Law Committee. Learn how to:

  • protect your house and lifetime of savings from a prolonged nursing-home stay
  • plan for disability
  • avoid probate
  • protect your children's inheritance from creditors, divorce or drug dependency
  • pass assets safely and efficiently

Attorney Beasley will present this lively and engaging seminar in everyday language, and there will be plenty of time for questions. Receive a FREE copy of our latest book and new guide. Co-Author Greg Gagne will also present. For more information and to register, visit: http://ow.ly/H1T330ol9Wr

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As death toll climbs, Massachusetts doctors look to link vaping to illnesses

While marketed as an alternative to cigarettes, vaping may not be as safe as originally thought.As of Friday, Sept. 6, at least five people have died, and many others have been sickened this summer from a “mysterious lung illness” linked to vaping, underscoring what many health officials have believed and …

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What’s Up Doc? Proton beam treatment helps certain cancers

Question: What is proton beam therapy?Answer: One possible therapy for certain conditions, including certain cancers, is to ablate/destroy abnormal/problematic cells/tissue with delivered energy.Many people are familiar with X-ray radiation treatment, XRT, which does this by delivering the energy with photons, massless particles. This energy is delivered along the entire pathway …

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09/01/2019 – Join Us for Free, Fun Programs! Parker River National Wildlife Refuge September, 2019

  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service                                              U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service                                            Join Us for Free, Fun Programs! Parker River National Wildlife Refuge September, 2019         Bicycle Tour of Great Bay NWR Friday, September 6th; Tuesday, September 17th; and Thursday, September 26th; all sessions 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. …