05/12/2019 – Live Music Sunday at Plum Island Beachcoma! Dis n’ Dat

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Join us Sunday, May 12th, from 4-7 p.m. for Live Music Sundays at Plum Island Beachcoma as Dis 'n Dat rocks the house!!  Dis'n Dat is local a Band that brings it with a combination of all Caribbean styles, formed by a husband and wife duo, Sista Dee and Rangotan.  The Band has toured worldwide, as well as, all over the U.S.  They only send good vibez through the crowd, with a sound that is original, using the steel pan, percussion, and authentic caribbean/african harmonies, that groove alongside conventional instruments. Rangotan brings an original and authentic reggae feel to all music that was taught to him in Jamaica, and while playing with bands like Black Uhuru, and on major tracks like Tenor Saw’s Fever, and much more.
Sista Dee, a native of Trinidad and Tobago, she is a steel pan virtuosa, playing all over the world... Fluent in several genres of music, and also a professional producer and steel band arranger.
Charleston Sarjeant, plays the keyboards, and is also an accomplished steel pan player and arranger. With Kiki on vocals and percussion, Jermaine on Bass, along with other guest musicians, they sure do bring a 'feel good' vibe to any event!  If you haven't  been to a show, be sure not to miss them on Sunday, May 12th from 4-7 p.m at Plum Island Beachcoma!
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09/01/2019 – Join Us for Free, Fun Programs! Parker River National Wildlife Refuge September, 2019

  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service                                              U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service                                            Join Us for Free, Fun Programs! Parker River National Wildlife Refuge September, 2019         Bicycle Tour of Great Bay NWR Friday, September 6th; Tuesday, September 17th; and Thursday, September 26th; all sessions 9:00 – 11:30 a.m. …