10/02/2019 – Paint Nite at Plum Island Beachcoma – Beachside Campfire

We spend so much of our days attached to a device, whether it be our smartphones, computers, or televisions, whether for work or entertainment.  So many of us neglect to make time for activities that allow us to tap into our creative selves.  Paint Nite is just that!   We invite you to join us for a relaxing night of painting where you not only learn a skill or two, but you’re able to make/ take time for YOU, while sipping on wine, and having fun with friends!  Paint Nite on Plum Island let’s you unleash your inner artist in a casual and comfortable environment, with a fun instructor to guide you along the way!  You’ll go from a blank canvas to an unexpected masterpiece of your own,  enjoying plenty of laughs along the way.  

Yaymaker, host of the original Paint Nite, gives you everything you need to get up, get going, and get creative!  No experience required and everything you need is supplied!  So get the girls together, enjoy a date night with the hubby, or treat a friend to an amazingly fun night out and get those creative vibes flowing! 
Visit www.yaymaker.com for tickets to Paint Nite at Plum Island Beachcoma on Wednesday, October 2nd from 7-9 p.m!

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