Child Maltreatment Associated With Poor Psychological Health Outcomes in Adulthood

These findings suggest that child maltreatment affects physical health in adulthood.


Racial Disparities in End-of-Life Advance Care Planning Can Cause Psychological Distress

Advance care planning and appointing a healthcare proxy can be detrimental to the mental health of African American patients at the end of their lives.


Neutrophil Count Associated With Gray Matter and Cerebrospinal Fluid Volume in Psychosis

Investigators sought to determine whether blood cell count was associated with brain volume and clinical symptomatology.


Social and Cognitive Functioning Related in Older Individuals With Bipolar Disorder

Investigators observed significant positive associations between global cognitive and global social functioning.


Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation Promising for Major Depressive Disorder

With better understanding of the underlying mechanisms of transcranial direct current stimulation, clinicians will be better equipped to identify the optimal management of their patients with major depressive disorder.

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Q: My neighbor was just diagnosed with an arterio-venous malformation. What is this?A: An arterio-venous malformation (AVM) is a congenital condition (you are born with it) where some of the arteries (that carry oxygenated blood) and veins (that carry blood back towards the heart) do not form correctly; instead the …


Parental Religiosity May Lower Risk for Suicidal Ideation in Offspring

This study suggests that parental spirituality may affect offspring mental health, particularly regarding suicidal behaviors.


Children With Subsyndromal ADHD Have Significant Morbidity and Disability

Compared with controls, those with subthreshold ADHD experienced greater impairments in social functioning and had higher rates of requiring extra help in school.


Depression in Youth: Underdiagnosed and Deadly

The mechanics of therapy look quite different for younger patients, whose experiences with depression vary by age, emotional vocabulary, cognitive development, and experiences with trauma.


Family Border Separation Policy Has Long-Term Effects on Child Health

Despite a reversal of the Trump administration family separation policy, more than 2000 children are still separated from their parents or legal guardians.