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SENIOR Q&A: Is the Medicare Part D “doughnut hole” closing?

Q: This is my first year on Part D and I find myself in the “doughnut hole” situation. I thought I read somewhere that this gap in coverage will be eliminated in 2020. Can you confirm?A: The so-called “doughnut hole” situation with Medicare Part D benefits, according to AARP’s website, …


Higher Recurrent Depression in Women With MDD During Childbearing Years

Women with major depressive disorder may have higher recurrent depression during the childbearing years.


Color Vision Impairment in Schizophrenia May Be Due to Medication

Investigators sought to determine whether the type of medication used for the treatment of schizophrenia affects color vision.


Sleep Disorders Linked to Nonaffective Psychosis in Young Adults

Investigators examined the correlation with sleep disorders such as insomnia, and sleep apnea with early psychosis.


Lithium May Treat Children With Bipolar Disorder, but Pediatric Studies Are Lacking

Lithium appears to be a suitable treatment for pediatric bipolar disorder; however, dedicated research has been scarce.


Improvement in Guidelines for Monitoring Patients Receiving Lithium Essential

The quality of patient monitoring may improve if the clinical practice guidelines are improved, as many healthcare professionals use the guidelines in their monitoring of patients taking lithium.