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OVER THE COUNTER: Supplements should reinforce, not replace, a good diet

It’s easy to dismiss taking vitamins and minerals during the summer, when products from the farmers market can hold much more than any pill. Strawberries, carrots, kale, spinach and tomatoes alone can provide us with generous amounts of important vitamins such as A, B, C and K, and several minerals. …

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WHAT’S UP DOC? Typhus fever

Q: I read there was an outbreak of typhus in California. Is this real? I thought this only existed in developing countries.A: Typhus may be caused by several types of the bacteria, leading to several different typhus diseases; scrub typhus, murine typhus, epidemic typhus, as well as other subtypes.Scrub typhus …


Increased Adherence With Paliperidone Once Every 3 Months in Schizophrenia

Transition from a once-monthly formulation of a long-acting, injectable paliperidone palmitate to a once-every-3-month formulation treatment regimen in patients with schizophrenia demonstrated increased adherence to antipsychotic medication.

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10/29/2018 – Special Film Series

  Week of October 29th- November 2nd: Special Film Series. In honor of Frank Mandosa’s program “An Evening with the Master of Suspense: Alfred Hitchcock,” each day this week at 2:30pm, the NPL will be showing a film by the Master of Suspense!  Please call us at 978-465-4428 or check our website for titles!