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WHAT’S UP DOC? Potential of gene therapy still to be realized

Q: I have read about gene therapy on and off for years, but not much has seemed to happen lately. What is the future of gene therapy?A: First, a bit of a disclaimer: some of my earliest research in medicine was in the field of gene therapy (for example, I …

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SENIOR Q&A: Plan for winter power outages at mom’s house

Q: I am worried about my mother and the inside temperature of her house. She likes to keep the heat up to at least 78 degrees. As we approach the coldest temperatures in winter I worry that if the power goes out or her furnace stops working she will get …


Trauma, Stress, and More Linked to Depressive Disorders in College Freshmen

As major depressive disorder is common among college students, researchers sought to determine factors that contribute to this condition, particularly among college freshmen.