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OVER THE COUNTER: Resolve to live a better life

It’s January, and we have to ask, have you kept your New Year’s resolution? If you’re like most people, your resolution is related to staying healthy – eating better, exercising more, losing weight and getting more sleep.But being like most people also means you probably are not keeping your resolution. …


reSET-O Digital Therapeutic for Opioid Use Disorder Now Available

Sandoz and Pear Therapeutics announced the launch of reSET-O, a new digital therapeutic for patients aged ≥18 years with opioid use disorder (OUD) currently under clinician care.


What Do Mozart and Marvin Gaye Have in Common? Improving Dementia Symptoms

Investigators examined the effects of a person-centered music listening intervention on mood, agitation, and social engagement in people living with dementia.


Schizophrenia Add-Ons: Beware the Flawed Meta-Analyses Touting Improvements

Clinicians should be discerning when evaluating meta-analyses of schizophrenia add-on therapies such as statins and antidepressants.


Self-Report Cognitive Questionnaires Predict Work Improvement in Depression

Researchers studied the relationship between self-reported cognitive complaints and work functioning in employed patients with major depressive disorder treated with desvenlafaxine.


Depression Comorbidity Associated With Greater Healthcare Expenditures in Back Pain

Patients with spondylosis, intervertebral disk disorders, and other back issues and comorbid depression may have greater healthcare expenditures than those without the comorbidity.