NOTHING BUT THE TOOTH — Silver fillings can last a lifetime

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Q. I have been to my new dentist three times for cleaning only. I am 62 years old and have no problems that I am aware of. Every time I go, he wants to take out three silver fillings that were done when I was in college. He says they need to be replaced with new tooth-colored materials. So far, he hasn't given me a reason why that I can accept. What should I do? -- Ms. AA. To put it bluntly, change dentists. There is no reason at all to [...]
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Essex County man contracts EEE, threat level raised to high in Topsfield, Ipswich

The EEE risk level has been raised to high in Topsfield and Ipswich, and to moderate in Beverly, Danvers, Hamilton, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Middleton, Newbury, Newburyport, and Wenham, after an Essex County resident contracted the disease.

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Flexible Fitness: Importance of improving oral health care

Did you know that simply improving your oral health can significantly increase your life span? Poor mouth care may result in the accumulation of plaque (a sticky layer of bacteria), xerostomia (dry mouth), halitosis (bad breath), tooth decay and loss, fungal infection, ulcers and many other undesired conditions. And if …

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As death toll climbs, Massachusetts doctors look to link vaping to illnesses

While marketed as an alternative to cigarettes, vaping may not be as safe as originally thought.As of Friday, Sept. 6, at least five people have died, and many others have been sickened this summer from a “mysterious lung illness” linked to vaping, underscoring what many health officials have believed and …